Australian Abacus Academy – Hampton Park

Australian Abacus Academy - Hampton Park

Australian Abacus Academy is founded on the principle of providing a high-quality education that is affordable. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors will give your child an additional motivation and drive to improve not just academically but also personally as well. The curriculum is engaging and exciting, and it is designed to aid students in their success. Your child will not only learn about the wonders of ABACUS methods and techniques, but they will also receive individual guidance and served by their highly trained and experienced teacher. Their knowledgeable staff will assist the child get ready for success.

They are passionate about fostering an ongoing passion for learning for your child. They look forward to working with you. They strive to ensure the well-being of their pupils by offering them with the highest quality education and in the most conducive setting.

Their goal is to develop the imagination and the ability of a child through the teaching of ABACUS methods. They are determined to increase the full potential of a child by enhancing speed and precision in concentration, calculation cognitive thinking, and visual memory. The idea is based on the usage of ABACUSan instrument that helps children to perform massive numerical calculations easily while also assisting the child’s cognitive development from a young stage of development.

Australian Abacus Academy promotes collaboration between parents, staff and students to help them achieve academic excellence. They help develop responsible, caring students – lifelong learners who are ready to tackle the demands of life in the real world.

The method of teaching is through explanation and interaction, not mechanical learning. The use of maths is a method that is thoroughly ingrained to make it clear that the problems are simple to be solved. Children learn they need “to learn” means “to find out” and “to try”. It doesn’t matter if, initially, they fail – mistakes and mistakes are an integral part of learning. In fostering curiosity, students become engaged in learning on their own something that is fun and fascinating instead of an ordinary “chore”. They make learning enjoyable.


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