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Welcome to Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating. We have been an industry leader in Melbourne, Victoria for over many years. We specialise in Residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Roof Painting, Concrete Painting, Garage Floor Painting, etc.

We offer a wide range of commercial services handled with great care by highly skilled and experienced professionals. We get the job done right with high speed, quality, and precision. We meet the flexible needs of your schedule while minimizing disruption to your business. We provide a smooth, efficient experience from start to finish while handling each project with finesse and expertise at an affordable price.

No matter the type of commercial or industrial property you own or manage-an office building, medical or dental office, state or federal building, apartment complex, retail center, or even a university or school—you don’t have time to deal with old, chipped, cracked, or peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. This simple tweak can improve your employees’ productivity, create a more welcoming environment for your customers or clients, and improve the cleanliness of your building.

Commercial Painting Services
Why Regular Painting Is Important to Your Business

Why Regular Painting Is Important to Your Business


If a client or customer visits your commercial building and sees chipped, peeling or faded paint, what impression do you think they will have of your business? If you don’t maintain your building’s appearance, what other areas are you likely to neglect? 

  • Financial problems. Visitors to your business may think that your business is not doing very well if you can’t afford to have it painted regularly.
  • Customer service. Does your disregard for your property’s appearance extend to lackadaisical customer service?
  • Cleanliness. If you ignore the painted areas of the building, are you also cutting corners with the janitorial services? Or are you like those “slum lords” who are just looking for a profit without caring about the people who have to work in that environment? 
  • Other maintenance. Keeping a commercial building painted is one of many requirements of regular maintenance. Are other important maintenance areas also being neglected? 

Although these assumptions may be completely untrue, it’s the impression that matters. Why take the chance of losing customers when a fresh coat of paint can make a great first impression?

We help create world class facilities. We do it safely and with minimal interruption to your business.

Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating has had the pleasure of working with some of nation’s finest businesses. Whether you have one location or several hundred, our staff can coordinate the safe and successful completion of your painting/coatings project from start to finish. Whether you are a business owner, business manager, building engineer, property/facility manager or a project manager, the job of our team is to make your job easier.  Experience the value of working with our well trained team of professionals.

Commercial Painting projects, both interior and exterior, include but are not limited to:

  • Warehouses Painting
  • Retail Businesses Painting
  • Restaurants and Cafes Painting
  • Office Complexes Painting
  • High Rises Painting
  • Office Buildings Painting
  • Parking Garages Painting
  • Resorts and Hotels Painting
  • Distribution Centers Painting
  • Hospitals Painting
  • Medical Complexes Painting
  • Retirement Facilities Painting
Commercial painting
Commercial painting contractors
Hire a Commercial Painter for the Best Results

Hire a Commercial Painter for the Best Results

You may think you can save a few bucks by painting your business yourself, or hiring some college kids during school break. You may save some money in the initial price you pay the painters, but the long-term outcome may be less than optimum. It may actually cost you more than if you hired a licensed commercial painter.

There’s more to painting a commercial building than buying some paint, brushes and rollers and slapping paint on the walls. Proper preparation can make the difference between a shoddy paint job and a smooth, long-lasting surface. Protecting the furnishings and people in the area is important. Thorough clean-up can also make a huge difference.

Commercial painting process

While commercial painting projects can be incredibly varied, the process is generally the same, and can be condensed into a few steps:

  1. Full understanding of needs, operational goals, and environmental conditions. We do an onsite inspection before pursuing any project and ask questions, as assumptions can be dangerous. With eyes trained to spot potential obstacles, we assess all particulars.
  2. Assessment of the right products and most efficient processes for the job, considering constraints like budget or downtime limitations.
  3. Proper surface preparation for durability and longevity. Issues like blistering, bubbling, adhesion failure, and cissing (when freshly applied paint recedes from the surface, leaving small craters or bare spots) can be avoided with good preparation.
  4. Professional painting and coating work performed by skilled crews employed by Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating. We maintain a safe, neat job site for the duration of the project, and if work must be done during normal operations, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  5. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, so we conduct a thorough walkthrough, address any issues or concerns, and remain available for customer support long after we leave the facility.



There is nothing more important to us than your satisfaction. We are flexible and available for you if you ever have any questions about any step of the process. We provide professional service and convenient hours to effectively meet all of your commercial painting needs.

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