Coral Park Primary School

Coral Park Primary School

The school is located within the suburbs of Hampton Park and with a enrollment in 418 children, the is a diverse social group and more than 40 nationalities that contribute to the social community that the institution. The school’s primary focus is improving the outcomes of students with regards to Literacy and Numeracy which is reflected in the school’s Strategic Plan. They provide a full program that helps students to realize their physical, academic and social potential. Through explicit instruction they seek to create learners who are determined to do their best and who are socially adept. A sense of connection is promoted and reinforced across the school community. It is important to set high standards for all students as well as valuing their culture while respecting and valuing others. It is also about accepting responsibility for one’s self-development and positive behavior choices. Coral Park is dedicated to offering a variety of programs that ensure that learning is fun, exciting and relevant to all students.

Coral Park Primary School is located in the residential area located in Hampton Park, approximately 10 kms to the southeast of Dandenong and 40 kms to the southeast to Melbourne’s Melbourne CBD. The school was founded in 1991. Address: 145 Coral Drive, Hampton Park Victoria 3976.

The school has 20 classrooms (3 pre-schools 6 juniors, 5 middles and 5 seniors, one withdrawal). Their main building is home to 10 classrooms as well as the library, arts room, the staff room, and administration areas. Two classrooms are located in a structure that is linked to the main structure by a covered walkway. They also have an onsite cafeteria and gym. They also have eight classes spread across four buildings that can be relocated and a Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). Their after and before school program is administered through Camp Australia in the MPC.

The grounds of the school include numerous playground equipment. They include a large oval, two soccer fields as well as two basketball courts. They also have vast play areas that are shaded that are suitable for both passive and active games. They also have student gardening clubs, which are actively supported to maintain their gardens, and parents are encouraged to assist as well. They also have an MPC for a variety of activities, including Science, sports, music lessons, and fitness and fun.

The school maintains a steady enrollment of 418 students with a staff of about 36. The staff collaborate with other schools to exchange ideas and take pride in continuing professional development. The teachers, along with their extremely valued educators and support workers, deliver a the most comprehensive and exciting program that accommodates all levels of learning.

The importance of parental involvement is high At Coral Park Primary School. The school welcomes parent participation in school activities as well as in classrooms. A group of parents gather in the staffroom every Wednesday morning to have coffee and chat while helping to laminate and create school materials. They also organize the school’s fundraising events and give feedback on the ideas and programs.

Parents are welcome to attend various events throughout the school year, including the weekly evening assemblies on Friday. Parents are extremely active on School Council. They also encourage grandparents and parents to be involved with the school, on outings as well as during sporting days as well as to attend school activities. Every week, their senior students present their show, the Coral News which is a 10-minute program that contains school information, updates, and reminders. Coral Star News and the School Assemblies are available for access on the school’s website.


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