Kumon Narre Warren South Education Centre

Kumon Narre Warren South Education Centre

As an organization, Kumon provides supplementary, education programs after school for children. They are present in 57 countries. Kumon’s learning approach seeks to develop solid, competent people who can independently create a path for themselves in the world.

Kumon, they are committed to achieving the highest standards of education. Kumon they are committed to exploring the full potential of each student.

Kumon Instructors offer only enough instruction for their students to allow them to perform the exercises independently. Their programs are designed to equip students with the capability to move up to the level of high school by self-learning as soon as possible in their lives. Kumon students learn independently at an early age, and are able to develop an academically high capability and the capacity to study independently, also known as the what Kumon call’self-learning ability. In the process, their students gain self-confidence and learn to accomplish anything if they are willing to and acquire the capacity to face new challenges.

When children who have completed Kumon become adults and join into the workforce, they are in a position to come up with solutions for themselves, regardless of the issues. The knowledge gained by students from taking part in Kumon will assist them in achieving their goals and aspirations.


Story of Kumon

The story started in 1954, when a little child’s mama, Teiko Kumon, found an examination for maths inside her son’s pocket. The child’s name was Takeshi Kumon, and he was in the second year at elementary school. After noticing that his test scores were not as great than they typically were, his mother sought advice from her husband regarding the best way to proceed. The husband of her was Toru Kumon who was an instructor at the high school level during the day. To respond to his wife’s concerns, Toru then began making maths worksheets for Takeshi, his son, Takeshi.

Toru Kumon was of the belief that the role of an educator is to instill the mindset of self-learning among children. This is why he tried a lot of trial and error in developing instructional tools for Takeshi, so that Takeshi could use the materials with ease every day and gradually improve his abilities. Based on his experiences as a teacher in high school, Toru Kumon knew that the majority of students in senior high schools were struggling with their maths classes due to their lack of math skills. Thus, he concentrated on improving the skills of Takeshi’s calculator and designed tools that allowed that his child study independently. This was due to his own education; Toru Kumon knew that students can only develop true academic capability through progressing independently.

Toru Kumon created calculations on loose leaf paper for Takeshi and the material that he designed in the year 1955 evolved into the basis of the current Kumon worksheets. Takeshi quickly learned to master the art of math to study the materials developed through his father’s efforts for a half hour each day. This led to him was able to attain the stage of differential and integral calculus while he was only few months into sixth grade. After the success of Takeshi, Toru Kumon invited students from the community to study at his home and instructed students in the same manner as he instructed Takeshi. The result was that everyone greatly improved their academic abilities. In recognition of this, Toru Kumon wished to enhance the abilities of as many kids as he could with his teaching method. In 1958, Toru Kumon decided to set up his office in Osaka and also to establish more Maths Centres. In the following year, it was evident that the amount of Kumon students began to grow gradually. As they reached high school learning through self-learning as the main goal, Toru Kumon’s aim was to improve the abilities of students to the highest level through enabling them to learn at a level suitable for the individual.

Children are born with the potential to develop. Through the practice of reading writing, writing, and calculation students gain confidence to discover independently. Kumon students Kumon believe that education is the development of children’s capacity to be self-confident in the future and realize their ambitions and goals. The Kumon Method was born out of the love of a father towards his young son Kumon doesn’t have any limitations of cultural, language or historical. With more people learning about the advantages of Kumon and the Kumon Method, it continues to be a huge success with students across the globe.


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