Merinda Park Learning & Community Centre

Merinda Park Learning & Community Centre

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre is a non-profit community management organisation, managed by a volunteer Committee of Management.

The Centre can help you find the right path for your career.

They are proud of their friendly and safe training environment, which is adaptable to all student’s needs. MPLCC and other Learn Local providers offer learners the opportunity to learn through affordable, flexible, and supportive courses.

MPLCC’s courses are taught by qualified and experienced trainers. There are many options available at the Centre, and many courses to choose.

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre Inc. will work with the community to plan and deliver a variety of high-quality community and educational services that are accessible to all. They believe in community-based management and are committed to creating and maintaining an open, sharing, and self-help model of management.

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre Inc. services and facilities are provided in a way that meets the current and future needs and expectations, within the limitations of available resources.

Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre Inc. is committed to adult education and understands its responsibilities to Registered Training Organisations (AQTF) standards. Its commitment to quality, and its policies and procedures manual are evidence of this. The Committee of Management has developed a strategic plan to guide the centre for the next three years.

In March 1991, Premier Joan Kirner announced that $1.2 million was allocated from the Urban Land Authority Infrastructure Fund to establish four pilot integration and service coordination projects near Urban Land Authority Estates. These projects will be located in fast-growing outer urban areas.

One of these pilot programs was Merinda Park Learning & Community Centre, which opened in June 1992.

The Service Co-Ordination and Integration Project’s (SCIP) broad goal was to create specific projects in key growth areas that address priority service delivery and planning issues in the community. The common thread of all the projects was the focus on effective solutions for community problems and needs through partnerships between State Government, Local Government, and Local Communities.

After 2.5 years, the project was closed. Merinda Park Learning and Community Centre Inc. took over the delivery of family support and educational and vocational training to the community.


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