Narre Warren South P-12 College

Narre Warren South P-12 College

Narre Warren South P-12 College is committed to educating students to be happy, successful participants and leaders in their communities. In recognizing and celebrating the diversity of their students, their high aspirations and positive relationships, they build an atmosphere that is peaceful and has an optimistic sense of purpose and a dedication to each and every student.

Narre Warren South P-12 College is located on one campus that consists of two schools namely from Prep through Year 6, and Year 7 through 12. The College is home to 280 full-time employees, including the principal classroom, 200 instructors, and 80 education support personnel which includes administration, students support and integration personnel. This is a friendly environment where students from all backgrounds can study together in beautiful facilities.

  • The College is classified in the category of “low” compared to other State institutions in terms of socioeconomic.
  • The family occupation of the school as well as education (SFOE) Index is 0.6028.
  • A lot of students haven’t attended kindergarten or daycare prior to beginning school.
  • The majority of their students in Year 6 go on to complete their secondary education.
  • The College saw a dramatic shift in students during the course of the 13 years of schooling.
  • Cultural diversity is an integral part that is a part of the College community, with at a minimum 50 ethnic groups who speak 64 languages.
  • Around 50% of Year 7 enrolments originate from the primary school.
  • Around 40% of senior students follow the VCAL route (trade/vocational particularization)
  • Over half of the students come from families whose language origin is not English approximately 50% are eligible to participate in the EAL program.
  • The attendance rates at Primary and Secondary level are higher than the state benchmarks.
  • Support for wellbeing is offered throughout the College by two counsellors, a variety of psychologists, youth workers and other professionals on hand
  • “Compass” is the principal communication system used by the College. Compass is accessible to students and parents for assistance in the areas of attendance, tasks for learning payment, permits, reports etc.
  • Many community groups have access to various College facilities for sports, and recreation. The College is an important institution within the community.
  • They hold approximately 97 percent of their students in Grade 6 as they move into Year 7.

They are extremely proud of every student who is who are devoted to their studies and achieving outstanding results. Their VCE median score for study has been steady at 33 over the last seven years, which puts them above the average for the state. With their exceptional VCAL and VET outcomes, they’re a college that is able to meet the needs of all their students. This is an impressive accomplishment that has brought the recognition of the institution all over the world and has earned them the awarding of 20 State Awards since 2006 for students and staff members within their VCAL program as well as 2 Premiers Awards for VCE (perfect test scores). The basis for these achievements can be found in their exceptional programs in the primary and early Secondary areas of the College and their emphasis on academic excellence and their active civic engagement is evident. Students’ attitudes towards school reflect an intense sense of belonging to the school, both in the Secondary and Primary areas within the college. Parents’ opinions that are higher than standards set by the state is also indicative of a positive and harmonious College community.


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