Paul Sadler Swimland Narre Warren

Paul Sadler Swimland Narre Warren

Paul Sadler Swimland Narre Warren offers swimming lessons for all age groups. They’ve been providing cutting-edge techniques for teaching and training since 1972 and are recognized globally as a pioneer in the field of aquatic education.

They provide swimming lessons for babies starting at 4 months Children’s learn-to-swim lessons, and adult swimming lessons for adults. They also offer private lessons. The program is focused on teaching the fundamentals of survival at any level.

They have been taught to swim in through schools across Australia, Canada and Vietnam. They employ more than 800 employees across 19 centres for swimming and currently instruct over 35,000 children per week.

They are extremely proud of their status as the “best workplace and believe that having satisfied employees is crucial in ensuring that you and your family has a memorable experience.

Paul Sadler Swimland has been the recipient of more than 25 industry awards across Australia as well as the USA.

Their aim is to teach children the techniques they need to become more secure swimmers. They do this by teaching them necessary survival skills at every level. They train children to walk through in water, to reach the edge of the pool, and then get out. they practice diving into deep waters, and how to come back if they do fall, they are aware of the best way to respond.

Each child is assessed during each swimming lesson, which means there’s no need to wait in the wrong class. When your child is able to master the ability at their level, they’ll be promoted.

Make sure that your children are fully engaged during every lesson, which assists them in their progress.

They employ teaching aids to reduce stress levels which increases the speed of speed of learning and increases the efficiency. Lower tension has been found to lead to an increase in coordination which is why they promote lower tension through the application of teaching aids.


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