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Welcome to Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating. We have been an industry leader in Melbourne, Victoria for over many years. We specialise in Residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Roof Painting, Concrete Painting, Garage Floor Painting, etc.

You may think painting your roof is a novel idea, but it is actually a practice we have offered for many years. Roof painting services are not only available for aesthetic purposes but to provide better protection and prevent premature replacements. Whether you have shingles or metal roofing, Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating can help protect it and give it a longer life by adding this extra coating. Our team has been providing services such as this for over 20 years in Melbourne area. We come to your home equipped and well-trained to efficiently paint your roof.

Give us a call today to set up your consultation and allow us to inspect your roof to discover if it is ready for all the added benefits that come with new paint.

Roof Painting Melbourne
Roof Painting – All You Need To Know

Roof Painting – All You Need To Know


The roof is a pretty important part of the home, if not the most important part. So, if you call professionals to deal with your electricity, plumbing, and other repair needs, why wouldn’t you call professionals to deal with your roof? When your roof needs repaired, you call a roofer but what about when your roof needs a pick me up?

Roof painting can extend the lifespan of your roof, and possibly save energy. The weather can be harsh in most regions, whether it’s the cold of winter, or the extreme heat during summer. Your roof gets exposed to these changes in the elements as it protects your home.

Save Money with a Painted Roof in Melbourne

Our roof painting services provide you with so much more than a great looking home. You can also start saving money on your monthly energy bills, thanks to the more excellent insulation you receive from adding this extra layer of paint. Your air conditioner runs yearlong thanks to the great warm weather we experience here, and having a painted roof helps maintain its efficiently.

There is no need to adjust the temperature because the roof helps keep your home cool and comfortable for your family by reflecting the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. We can also help set you up with rebate options to save even more once you’ve decided to spruce up your roof.

Complete roof painting services, any material, any slope angle

Roof painting is specialised and needs experienced applicators using quality products

We specialise in painting concrete tile, corrugated iron, decramastic tile and colorsteel roofs and we guarantee a finish that will look like new and protect your home. We use only quality products and qualified tradespeople, so you can be sure you will end up with a professionally finished job that will last.

Every roof is unique, and we have taken the time to research what products are best suited for each roofing substrate and environment. These products, along with any required repairs provide the ultimate protection, durability, colour retention and waterproofing available for your roof.

At Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating we have a wealth of experience in roof painting and can undertake the painting of any pitch and any angle roof safely and efficiently. We can bring your Colorsteel roof back to life again using the best products available on the market. 

When our team of professionals is finished, your room will look like new again, last longer, ensure that it is weather tight, and improve the value of your home or business building.

Roof painting services
Commercial Roof Coating Services

Commercial Roof Coating Services


Roof coating systems properly applied on commercial building roofs, pipes, and other rooftop equipment can both seal and waterproof your roof. A good roof coating can also help moderate temperatures inside the commercial property as well. If you find that your commercial roof is in overall sound condition, consider hiring the roof coating specialists at your local independently owned and operated Melbourne Quick Painting & Decorating to apply a roof coating that can help your roof last for years. The savings over total roof replacement, which isn’t always necessary, can be considerable

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Gone are the days of handling multiple estimates and spending your time on walkthroughs with Roof Painter! You can book your job online or over the phone. With your project, not only do you get a roof painter, but you also get a dedicated Project Coordinator. They will be available to support you every step of the way, whether you need any last-minute changes or help to answer any questions about your paint job. If you are looking for a Best Interior Painting Services in Melbourne, you can contact us for your interior painting project.

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