Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports

Skylark Sports is a unique gymnastics club. Skylark uses gymnastics, acrobatics, and ninja to help build happy, capable and resilient children. The programs are age-appropriate and professionally designed to ensure that children have the best learning experience and most fun. They teach children how to roll, flip, cartwheel, and fall safely. Because they believe it will increase their chances of success and happiness, they teach children to love learning and move.

They teach children how to move and prepare their bodies using gymnastics, acrobatics, and ninja training. In order to keep children safe, it is important that kids learn how to take risks. Children learn to understand and appreciate risk in a controlled setting. This helps them make better decisions when it matters.

Skylark has a place for everybody and strives to ensure that all are included in their programs. Skylark Sports is an affiliate member of Gymnastics Victoria, Gymnastics Australia and other sporting clubs. They are covered by Gymnastics Australia’s Risk Protection Program. They are all nationally certified and chosen for their genuine love for children and technical expertise. They encourage children to reach beyond their limitations and bring out the best of each child.

They use gymnastics, acrobatics, and ninja training as a way to teach confidence. They want their children to walk out of their doors feeling more confident and happier than when they came in. They want parents to enjoy the experience and relax. They help children learn to take control of their learning and health. They help children to be confident enough to set difficult goals and to understand that they must work hard to reach them.

They want you to enjoy the process of doing something wonderful for your child and relax. The parent-assisted Kindergym classes allow you to have fun with your child and help develop their brain so that they can win in life.

The classes for children 3 and up are for children only. You can rest assured that your child is learning, growing, and having fun in their classes. You can either leave your child with them once they turn 5 and go on your own or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the parents’ area. You have great views of the gym so you can check out what’s happening. Or take a seat to read, do some work, or catch up on social networks.

The front desk has a variety of t-shirts, leotards and jumps for sale. Although you don’t necessarily need one, they will make it easy to purchase one for your child. They can be ordered online and picked up at the gym through the customer portal.

They offer a direct debit service to make it easy. They accept cards payments over the phone and at the front desk.


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