St Kevin’s Primary School

St Kevin's Primary School

It’s an exciting time is to go to school. At. St. Kevin’s they are current with the most recent research on how brains work and the methods of teaching that enable it to happen. Also, the school has accessed the most efficient learning tools available. The best part of all? is their staff of highly skilled, highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers who understand what is required to ensure that every child is aware that they are important, each and every day. St. Kevin’s is no regular school. Get together with them and think about what learning could be. and what it could be.

School History

St Kevin’s School was first established in 1988 at Somerville Road, Hampton Park with a student population of 76 pupils.

In the year 1990, the school moved to the current location located on Hallam Road with an enrolment of 174 students. A major construction program that included an administration space as well as a library and staff room, was completed in the year 1990. A parish church that included an auditorium and chapel was also constructed at the present location in the year 1991.

The second phase of the building plan, comprised of seven learning zones that was completed by mid 1994, when the school’s enrollment was 404. The third phase of the building program comprised of four learning areas, as well as a new library, and a renovation in the building for administration. The enrollment rate at this point was 608 students.

In 2003, the school officially inaugurated the hall/multipurpose building and four new learning spaces. Verandahs were built to connect portables and create shelter for the students. The school is located on a large area, and has the re-locatable classrooms set in a central area located opposite and in close proximity to the permanent structures. St Kevin’s Church and the parish house are located in the grounds of the school.

There is also an adventure playground and two fields of play (football or soccer) and the pergola is shaded as well as a huge carpark that is paved that includes basketball, volleyball, netball and tennis courts for bats. The largest chessboard is found in the adventure play area and there are a number of smaller tables and seating chess spaces in the vicinity of the school. Additional quiet areas are also available.

In 2008, minor renovations were carried out for this Learning Centre and new computer equipment was bought. In the context of the Commonwealth government’s “Building the Education Revolution” stimulus program, St Kevin’s has undertaken an extensive building programme and has now the new 3/4 Learning Space. Additionally, the school’s toilets have been renovated and a new artificial play area is being constructed at the end of the field. The work began in 2009 and have been completed by the end of the year 2010.


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