If there’s one question that never fails to stir debate among professional painters and DIYers alike, it’s this.

On one hand, you could argue that there’s no such thing as a right or wrong way of going about an interior painting project. Just as long as the result is satisfactory and it gets done one way or the other, no worries. Nevertheless, there’s a difference between carefully planned interior painting and the kind of interior painting that becomes a huge headache. Particularly when it comes to how quick and straightforward the project turns out to be, painting strategically one room at a time always gets our vote.

Your Reason for Painting

The most important initial consideration before getting started with the painting is that of why you are painting your home in the first place. It’s not the kind of thing most do simply for the sake of it to kill time – it’s a job approached with a specific intention in mind.

For example, it could be that you are planning on selling your property and want to get the best possible price for it. Perhaps you’re having a new kitchen installed and figured you might as well give the rest of the place a lick of paint. Though in most instances, people paint their homes for the simple reason that the current paint job is no longer looking its best.

With most everyday interior painting projects, this is how we recommend prioritizing which rooms to paint first, and which to leave until a little later:

Your Bedroom

Getting the bedroom out of the way first is a good idea, as once it’s done you’ll be able to function relatively normally as you deal with the rest. Your bedroom can be used for sleeping, relaxing, watching movies, eating – a much-needed sanctuary when the rest of the home is in a temporary state of disrepair. Hence, it’s usually advisable to get your bedroom done first.


Painting the bathroom should also be prioritized, as it’s pretty much impossible to go about normal life without a functional and accessible bathroom. This can be prioritized before painting the bedroom or tackled afterwards, but is nonetheless a room to deal with as early as possible in the process. Thankfully, a small bathroom is also one of the quickest and easiest rooms of the home to paint.

The Kitchen

Painting the kitchen should be left up until a time when you can confidently get the entire job done from start to finish in one big push. The kitchen is the heart of the home and can cause absolute chaos when it is temporarily out of bounds. It’s definitely not a room to rush given the important role it plays, but should be painted when you’ve enough time set aside to get the entire job done.

Living Room

We often find that many (if not most) homeowners prioritize painting their living room over their other interior spaces. This is motivated by the fact that they spend most of their relaxation hours in their lounge, though overlooks the fact that you don’t actually need a living room. You can get by just fine without it, making it a room you can leave toward the tail-end of your interior makeover.

Laundry or Utility Rooms

It’s a similar story with utility rooms and laundry rooms, which are primarily functional in nature. You don’t spend a great deal of time relaxing and taking in your surroundings in a laundry room, so it doesn’t really matter if you delay painting it until a later time. Just be sure to factor in the potential smells of the paint and other products you use, along with how wet paint in and around your utility room could make doing the laundry difficult for a few days.

If Selling Your Home…

Rounding things off, anyone planning to sell their home would be wise to focus on the spaces that attract the most attention from prospective buyers. It’s been proven that a fresh coat of paint can significantly boost the curb appeal and potential market value of almost any property.

First impressions count for a lot, so you’ll want to make sure your porch, entrance and hallway are all immaculate. Your kitchen and living room will be scrutinized most heavily of all, followed by bathrooms, the master bedroom and the rest.


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